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About is a Node server that allows you to perform custom transformations on any remote resource. It's goal is to provide a simple-to use, simple-to-run way to convert, twist, warp, reformat and munge anything that you can access over HTTP.

It is optionally backed by a Redis caching layer allowing you to take a large traffic hit to your transformed content without hammering the original resource.

This allows you to easily provide high-availability, perfectly tailored resources in cases where you can't modify, or don't want the hassle of modifying, the original content. Some examples of uses for Tache include:

How to use Tache

You define how you want resources modified in endpoint files, written in Javascript and obeying a simple structure.

// echo.js : by default, echo the remote content unmodified
module.exports = {

  run:function(headers, content) {
    this.emit('done', content);

  //or clean it up a bit:
    run:function(headers, content) {
        content.replace(/\b([tT])eh\b/gi, '$1he')

You make an HTTP request to the endpoint's URL, followed by the full URL of the remote resource to modify

$ curl
Teh internetz is made of catz

straightforward echo:
$ curl http://mytacheserver/echo/
Teh internetz is made of catz

$ curl http://mytacheserver/echo.fix/
The internetz is made of catz

Tache first fetches the remote content specified, then passes it and its headers to the function indicated by your URL.

Your endpoint can then do whatever it likes to the content; when it's done, it emits a done event or calls this.done with the transformed content.

More info

This site will contain full documentation for soon. In the meantime, some more info can be found in the project readme on github