I am a self-taught polyglot software developer based in London, UK.

I’m a full-stack hacker, with an eye for detail and a knack for deep debugging. Deep experience in Javascript, PHP & Python; increasingly comfortable in Go & C.

My background is in web development for large E-Commerce projects & complex data-driven projects for a fintech startup.

These gave me a wealth of experience in software architecture for runtime applications & APIs – not just at greenfield stage, but throughout the lifecycle of evolution, maintenance and management of legacy code even in extremely complex systems. One particular area of focus has been bridging gaps between conceptual business-oriented domain models vs. the underlying myriad details of database representations, APIs & microservices.

I’ve also spearheaded numerous ‘devops’ initiatives around developer tooling, deployment workflows, infrastructure automation, CI/CI and complex test automation regimes. This included early adoption, and ongoing evolution, of technologies like Docker and distributed-system platforms like Mesos, Marathon & Kubernetes.

I’m interested in getting closer to the metal and pushing performance of systems at a lower level.

Contact me at owen@orls.co.uk.